DRI is the steel industry’s most flexible metallic charge material, and the MIDREX Process can produce, discharge and transport DRI in the form best suited to the application.

MIDREX® Plants can be designed to switch from one DRI form to another with no disruption of product flow – CDRI to HBI, CDRI to hot DRI (HDRI), or HDRI to HBI. Product can be produced simultaneously in any combination.

Hot transport & charging methods

In EAF steelmaking, hot transport/hot charging is an effective means of lowering the cost per ton of liquid steel by reducing power and electrode consumption, as well as increasing EAF productivity.

MIDREX Shaft furnaces can be equipped with one of three systems to transfer HDRI to a steelwork’s meltshop: HOTLINK, Hot Transport Conveyor (HTC) and Hot Transport Vessel (HTV).

Midrex Hot Charging Methods

In a MIDREX® Hot Discharge Plant, HDRI can be transferred by one of three methods to an EAF meltshop:

charging methods

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