Research & development is the creative force behind the world’s most successful direct reduction process technology and the company that shares its name – Midrex.

It is both our heritage and our future because having good ideas is not enough. It’s transforming those ideas into innovative solutions that turns success into leadership.

Midrex has built its business on a “renewable technology” concept, a self-sustaining cycle that blends science, engineering, and real-world experiences to continually renew and improve our products and services.

Research & Development creates and refines knowledge and proves its feasibility. Engineering converts the knowledge into practical products that address specific customer needs, which have been identified by Sales & Marketing. Technical Services manages the two-way technology exchange with customers while Global Solutions works with plant personnel to diagnosis issues and implement improvements. The results are fed back to R&D to use in renewing and expanding the technology base.

Engineering Proprietary Equipment
Marketing Plant Sales Construction Partners
Technical Services Midrex Global Solutions Process Licensees
R&D Technology Development

World Class Facilities & Equipment

Over the years, the facility housing the Midrex research & development activities have been relocated, modified, and upgraded several times. The Research & Development Technology Center, as it is now known, is the principal facility for ferrous and non-ferrous reduction technology development for Midrex Technologies, Inc. and Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Capabilities of the R&D Technology Center

  • Analytical Operations
  • Bench-scale Testing
  • Fabrication, Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Pelletizing, Briquetting & Melting
  • Pilot/Demonstration-Scale Operations
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