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Trusted by steelmakers around the world for 50 years

We are committed to providing the best-proven method for decarbonization in the iron and steel industry, direct reduction.

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Direct Reduction

The MIDREX® Process – The world’s most reliable and productive direct reduction ironmaking technology

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Plant Design &

Designing direct reduced iron plants with the MIDREX® Process

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Environment, Health, & Safety

Midrex Technologies, Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and conserving natural resources.

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Midrex and The Climate Change Challege

Direct From Midrex

Algerian-Qatari Steel (AQS): At First Glance

This article will take a closer look at what makes Algeria ideal for DRI-EAF steel production, the origin of AQS, the results of the first full year of DRI-based steel production, and future plans of AQS.

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