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We are committed to providing the best-proven method for decarbonization in the iron and steel industry, direct reduction.

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Direct Reduction

The MIDREX® Process – The world’s most reliable and productive direct reduction ironmaking technology

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Plant Design &

Designing direct reduced iron plants with the MIDREX® Process

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Environment, Health, & Safety

Midrex Technologies, Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and conserving natural resources.

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Midrex and The Climate Change Challege

Direct From Midrex

Electrical Heating of MIDREX® Process Gases

Todd AstoriaDirector – Research and Technology Development

Articles by Electrical

Matthew HargreavesGeneral Manager, Tutco SureHeat

Articles by Electrical

The iron and steelmaking industry is experiencing rapid market change and technology developments. One of the key drivers for the market change is the need to improve the environmental impact of the processing routes. The reduction of CO2 emissions is one of the most important environmental goals facing the industry.

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