CO2 removal is not necessary in a MIDREX Flex plant because the CO2 is recycled back into the reformer and converted into CO. However, Midrex has designed and engineered CO2 removal systems for plants in India based on coal gasification.

Any MIDREX Flex plant can be designed with CO2 removal or with provisions to install CO2 removal at a later date if it is economical (e.g. carbon tax credits) and if there is a means to store or utilize the CO2.

There are two options to separate CO2 and capture it. Option 1 (by itself) removes half. Option 2 (by itself) removes almost everything (near zero).

  1. Removes CO2 from the top gas fuel, which is used in the reformer for heating. CO2 emissions can be reduced (up to 500,000 t/y of CO2) .
  2. Removes CO2 from the flue gas of the reformer, after heat recovery. CO2 emissions can be reduced by ~0.5 t/t DRI (up to 1,000,000 t/y of CO2).

The MIDREX Process

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