The MIDREX® plant is extremely flexible and can accommodate the initial transitions from a carbon to a hydrogen economy.

Midrex designs greenfield plants based on MIDREX H2 technology specifically for 100% hydrogen operation or for majority hydrogen operation with minimal natural gas usage.  This technology is based on the proven MIDREX Shaft Furnace and process gas systems that already operate at large scale (2.5 Mt/y) and with ~55-75% H2 in reducing gas.  The configuration includes the latest innovation from Midrex, an electric heater for the recirculating hydrogen gas designed and supplied in partnership with the Tutco SureHeat business of Flex-Tek Group, a division of the UK-based engineering company Smiths Group plc.

A discussion of the current state-of-the-art for electric heating of gases for Direct Reducation applications, and development work on thermal cycling of electric heaters in the DR application that are essential for the MIDREX H2 solution are found in this collaborative article on Electrical Heating of MIDREX® Process Gases authored by Midrex and Tutco Sureheat.

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Energy Transition in the European Steel Industry – Reality Not Exception

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Horst KappesPaul Wurth S.A. (Luxembourg)

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Ingo BothPaul Wurth S.A. (Luxembourg)

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