Syngas, or synthesis gas, is a gas mixture consisting of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide resulting from the gasification of a carbon-containing fuel. Midrex commercially offers technology utilizing syngas derived from natural gas and coal sources.

MxCol® can use reducing gas from several sources of syngas:

  • Commercial gasifiers using a variety of low-cost fuels
  • Export gas from the coal-based COREX® Hot Metal Process by Primetals Technologies
  • MIDREX® Thermal Reactor System™ (TRS™)
  • Can use reducing gas from several sources of syngas.
  • In the gasifier option, using syngas is potentially more efficient than direct combustion of the original fuel.
  • A very high-quality syngas can be produced by gasification technology regardless of the quality of the fuel.
  • This allows for use of various bituminous and sub-bituminous coals, lignite, pet coke and petroleum refinery bottoms.
  • In cases where natural gas availability is uncertain or when energy costs rise, the gasifier syngas option can provide a beneficial alternative.
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