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MIDREX Plants produce about 80% of the world's low CO2 DRI


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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Purpose

To love and serve others

Some might say this is a curious purpose for an iron-technology company, but we stand firmly by it. The work that we do is not easy, and the challenges we undertake to bring green technology to the world are significant. We are asking the brightest minds in their fields to join us in transforming an industry. That is big work. And big work requires a higher purpose. To love and serve others is about putting people first-in the world and in the workplace-so we never lose sight of why our technology matters.

Our Mission and Vision

Creating the sustainable future of iron and steel

Our Values
  • Integrity We act honestly and ethically for the good of others.
  • Innovation We are pioneers in our industry. We think creatively—and act boldly—in service of our mission and vision.
  • Teamwork We stay engaged. We respect and trust one another. We leave our egos at the door. We hold ourselves accountable and share credit for achievements.
  • Safety We recognize that our core values are moot if the safety of our team and customers is not prioritized in every action we undertake.
  • Commitment We are dedicated to the success of our customers, the well being of our teammates, and our mission and vision.
  • Quality We give our best in every situation, delivering a quality of work and service that sets a high standard for our industry.

Our goal is to ensure long-term success for our clients and to support the entire plant lifecycle through a two-way technology sharing program and strategic partnerships with leading companies in their specialty fields. From plant start-up and commissioning, the support of clients continues through our services and aftermarket group, known as Midrex Global Solutions.

We are a global company, with headquarters and research and technology development center located in Charlotte, NC, USA, and offices in the United Kingdom, China, India, and Dubai.

Midrex is wholly owned by Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Midrex provides support for the entire plant lifecycle from design through the supply of aftermarket services.

Plant Design
Plant Supply
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