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2Q 2019 Direct From Midrex

  • Building our Future on 50 Years of Success
  • "It All Started in Portland..." 50 Years Ago
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants 2018 Operations Summary
  • Midrex Celebrates 50th Anniversary of First MIDREX® Plant

1Q 2019 Direct From Midrex

  • Midrex Global Solutions 2.0: Harnessing the Power of Digitalization
  • Direct Reduction in the Digital Age: Introducing MidrexConnect
  • Quality & Performance Assurance: Reformer Management & Catalyst Optimization
  • Dave Durnovich Named to Lead Midrex Global Solutions

4Q 2018 Direct From Midrex

  • Commentary: First Thoughts upon Joining Midrex
  • Hot Briquetted Iron: Steel's Most Versatile Metallic (Part 3)
  • Recent Innovations & Improvements for a MIDREXⓇ DRI Plant
  • Midrex & Chemtreat enter Strategic Alliance
  • Tosyali Algeria: World's Largest CDRI/HDRI Plant

3Q 2018 Direct From Midrex

  • Commentary: What Do We Really Do?
  • DRI Technology Innovation - Varying the Carbon in HBI
  • DR Grade Iron Ore Pellets: A Supply Overview
  • How Much DRI is 1 Billion Tons?

2Q 2018 Direct From Midrex

  • Commentary: Technology, Flexibility and People
  • HBI: Steel's Most Versatile Metallic (Part 2)
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants 2017 Operations Report
  • Cleveland-Cliffs Breaks Ground for Great Lakes Region HBI Plant

1Q 2018 Direct From Midrex

  • Defining and Redefining DRI
  • HBI: Steel's Most Versatile Metallic
  • International Project Financing: Building DRI Plants through Midrex UK
  • Kobe Steel Names New President

4Q 2017 Direct From Midrex

  • "Thanks for the Memories" by Jim McClaskey
  • The Career and Accomplishments of Jim McClaskey
  • DRI and its Effects on the Scrap Metal Market in the U.S.
  • LGOK HBI-3 named Most Important Event of Russian Steel Market in 2017

3Q 2017 Direct From Midrex

  • Building on Core Technology - Creating Flexibility and Value
  • Inceasing Carbon Flexibility in MIDREX® DRI Products
  • Cleveland-Cliffs Announces Plans for Great Lakes HBI Plant
  • Metalloinvest Launches Russia's Largest HBI Plant

2Q 2017 Direct From Midrex

  • A Deeper look at the DRI Industry in 2016
  • Impact of HBI Use in Integrated Steel Plants: Environmental Impact & OPEX Comparison
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants: 2016 Operations Summary
  • News & Views: voestalpine Texas passes Performance Guarantee Test

1Q 2017 Direct From Midrex

  • Julius Caeser had Nothing on Robert Hunter
  • SULB Operational Flexibility Provided by Midrex
  • Advancing the Performance of Nu-Iron's MIDREX® DRI Plant

4Q 2016 Direct From Midrex

  • COMMENTARY: The DRI industry is still young and definitely thriving
  • Guest Author: Michael Marley -No. 1 Heavy DRI: Scrap Rival or Enhancer?
  • Increasing HBI Capacity for the Merchant Market
  • voestalpine Texas LLC HBI Plant Inaugurated

3Q 2016 Direct From Midrex

  • THE VERSATILE OBM (ORE-BASED METALLIC): Part 2 - How to get what you paid for… A guide for maintaining the  value of DRI.

2Q 2016 Direct From Midrex

  • Q & A with Stephen Montague
  • 2015 MIDREX Plant Report
  • DRIpax™ - MIDREX® Plant Process Optimization System
  • Algerian Qatari Steel to build 2.5 MTPY MIDREX® Plant Midrex and Paul Wurth Awarded Project

1Q 2016 Direct From Midrex

  • In Memoriam: Donald R. Lyles
  • DRI PRODUCTION USING COKE OVEN GAS: Test Results of Thermal Reactor System™ (TRS®)
  • DRI - THE VERSATILE OBM (Ore-Based Metallic) part 1
  • SIM selects Midrex and Primetals Technologies to build HBI plant in Quebec

4Q Direct From Midrex

  • COMMENTARY:  MIDREX R&D – Lab Coats and Steel-toed Boots
  • Iron & Steel Production Considerations for Navigating the EU Low Carbon Roadmap
  • Midrex Research & Development Technology Center
  • NEWS & VIEWS: 2015 MIDREX® Operations Seminar in Barcelona, Spain

3Q 2015 Direct From Midrex

  • LGOK II Surpasses 10 Million tons of HBI
  • Parent, Partner & Pacesetter: Kobe Steel's role in the Direct Reduction Industry
  • Producing DRI in Bahrain: United Steel Company (SULB)

2Q 2015 Direct From Midrex

  • MIDREX® Combination Plant – Designed for Changing Market Conditions
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants Operations Summary
  • Midrex Global Solutions - Lending a Helping Hand
  • JSW Steel successfully uses coke oven gas at JSW Dolvi
  • Tosyali Holding to Build World’s Largest DRI Combo Plant
  • 2014 World DRI Production tops 74.5 Million tons

1Q 2015 Direct From Midrex

  • COMMENTARY:Synergy in Motion:Combining People, Process & Performance
  • THE VALUE OF DRI: Using the Product for Optimum Steelmaking
  • NEWS & VIEWS: ESISCO HOTLINK® Plant gets ready for Commercial Operation

Q4 2014 Direct From Midrex

  • Construction of the new HBI plant - voestalpine Texas;
  • Solutions for using DRI in the EAF;
  • 2014 Operations Seminar.

Q3 2014 Direct From Midrex

  • Innovations and Improvements - Hot Discharge Furnace;
  • Shipping of DRI, "The Nu-Iron Experience";
  • Sabah Gas Industries 30th Anniversary of HBI Production.

Q2 2014 Direct From Midrex

  • Hadeed's Module E 2.0 Million Ton Milestone;
  • Summary of 2013 MIDREX® Operations;
  • Better Safety Culture (Part 2): The Benefits;
  • 2013 World DRI Production over 75 Million Tons;
  • SES & Midrex Agreement to Bring DRI to East Asia.

Q1 2014 Direct From Midrex

  • The Spectrum of Carbon in an EAF;
  • Carbon & Hot Charging DRI to EAFs;
  • Better Safety Culture (Part 1): The Importance;
  • SMS Group becomes a Construction Licensee.

Q4 2013 Direct From Midrex

  • The Future of EAF Steelmaking & DRI;
  • MXCOL® and TRS® Using Coal and Coke Oven Gas to Make DRI in India;
  • Market Analysis of the metallics industry since 2009.

Q3 2013 Direct From Midrex

  • The Partnership of Midrex and Kobe Steel;
  • 30th Anniversary of Midrex and Kobe Steel;
  • Midrex UK, Ltd.'s First Project - Financing LGOK III.

Q2 2013 Direct From Midrex

  • First HBI Plant in North America announced;
  • HBI growth surge in the industry;
  • Summary of 2012 MIDREX® Operations;
  • voestalpine signs contract with Siemens and Midrex;
  • Midrex Pioneers honored;
  • 74 Million Tons of DRI Produced in 2012;
  • Tuwairqi Steel's MIDREX® Plant Starts Up
  • Midrex and JSW Steel to convert DR plant to coke oven gas.

Q1 2013 Direct From Midrex

  • A Tale of Two Technologies;
  • Next Generation SIMPAX;
  • Shale Gas and Its Impact on the World (Part 2);
  • Launch of Midrex Global Logistics Announced;
  • Midrex nominated for two Industry Awards.

Q4 2012 Direct From Midrex

  • A whole new journey of discovery;
  • Coke oven gas option for DRI - Midrex/Praxair Thermal Reactor System™;
  • Shale Gas and Its Impact on the World (Part 1);
  • Pakistan's First DR Plant to Begin Operations in 2013.

Q3 2012 Direct From Midrex

  • The Value of Quality;
  • The Evolution of Ironmaking & Development of DRI;
  • The Correct Carbon Content for DRI Usage in the EAF;
  • Metalloinvest chooses Siemens and Midrex for new HBI Plant;
  • Todd Ames, new General Manager of MENA Plant Sales;
  • A Pioneer Remembered.

Q2 2012 Direct From Midrex

  • Better DRI solutions for India;
  • Summary of 2011 MIDREX® Operations;
  • Fresh look at the future of Direct Reduction;
  • Midrex launches Indian Office;
  • Praxair and Midrex sign agreement to commercialize alternative fuel technology.

Q1 2012 Direct From Midrex

  • Change and Consistency;
  • Reducing the world steel industry's carbon footprint through DR;
  • The Economics of Longevity;
  • Midrex announces new Marketing Director.

Q3 & Q4 2011 Direct From Midrex

  • Plant Performance and Innovation;
  • Amount of Iron Ore to Make One Ton of DRI;
  • Four MIDREX® Modules surpass the 20 million ton production mark.

Q2 2011 Direct From Midrex

  • 5 Questions with Mike Jasper;
  • Summary of 2010 MIDREX® Operations;
  • Jindal Shadeed dedicated to the Nation of the Sultanate of Oman;
  • Jindal Steel Bolivia and Midrex to construct world's largest capacity DR module;
  • Midrex Shanghai Office Launched;
  • DRI production in 2010;
  • The NEW IRON AGE blog.

Q1 2011 Direct From Midrex

  • 5 Questions with Dan Sanford;
  • Super Sizing the MIDREX® Process;
  • About MXCOL® and Coal Gasification;
  • A Breakthrough in Coal-Based Direct Reduction;
  • Jindal Shadeed Begins Production;
  • OEMK Mod 1 Revamped.

Q2 2010 Direct From Midrex

  • 5 Questions with Stephen Montague;
  • CO2 Savings by Use of HBI: Blast Furnace Economics;
  • Environmental Benefits of Natural Gas Direct Reduction;
  • MXCOL® Highlights Better Way to Make DRI Using Coal.

Q1 2010 Direct From Midrex

  • 5 Questions with James McClaskey;
  • Summary of 2009 MIDREX® Operations;
  • CO2 Savings by Use of HBI: The Loci?
  • SULB Orders 1.5 million ton/year MIDREX® Plant for Bahrain;
  • In Memoriam.

Q3 2009 Direct From Midrex

  • It's Not Easy Being Green;
  • Production of Steels Applying 100% DRI for Nitrogen Removal;
  • Savings in CO2 Generation by Use of HBI;
  • JSPL Announces New Coal Gasification MIDREX® Plant;
  • Midrex Opens UK Office.

Q2 2009 Direct From Midrex

  • Ride the Cycles or Build in the Valley;
  • Operational Aspects of LION's MIDREX® HDRI/HBI Plant;
  • Hot Charging DRI at Hadeed;
  • Midrex Announces New Global Solutions Project Manager.

Q1 2009 Direct From Midrex

  • Flexibility: Nothing Is Permanent but Change;
  • Summary of 2008 MIDREX® Operations;
  • Hot Transport Conveying DR---Energy & Productivity Benefits;
  • DRI Production Increases Slightly in 2008.

Special Report December 2008

  • Innovation via Continuous Technology Development;
  • ITmk3® and FASTMELT® Applications for Southeast Asia;
  • Development of EAF Dust Recycling & Melting Technology.

Q4 2008 Direct From Midrex

  • CEO Jim McClaskey Celebrates Silver Anniversary;
  • MIDREX® Technology for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA);
  • Steel Industry Market Analysis;
  • 70+ Successful Shaft and Rotary Heath Furnaces Around the World.

Q3 2008 Direct From Midrex

  • Technical Services Group: Above and Beyond;
  • Improvements in Labratory Testing of DR Oxides;
  • Hot Briquetted Iron: Steel's Most Versatile Metallic;
  • Midrex Commemorates 25th Anniversary of Acquisition by Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Q2 2008 Direct From Midrex

  • Challenges and Trends of Steel Procurement;
  • Qatar Steel Company: 30 Years of Success;
  • World's Largest HBI Module Constructed in Gubkin, Russia;
  • First Briquette Produced by LGOK 2 Presented to Midrex CEO, Jim McClaskey.

Q1 2008 Direct From Midrex

  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants: 2007 Operations Summary;
  • Ocean Shipping of Hot Briquetted Iron;
  • Hot Briquetted Iron: Steel's Most Versatile Metallic;
  • Nu-Iron Relocates Midrex AIR Plant to Point Lisas, Trinidad.

SP December 2007 Direct From Midrex

  • A Layman's Guide to Rotary Hearth Furnance Technologies;
  • FASTMET®, FASTMELT®, and ITmk3®: New Coal-based Ironmaking Processes;
  • ITmk3® Plant to be Constructed in Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota;
  • Kobe Steel Collaborates with Cleveland-Cliffs to Promote ITmk3® Ironmaking Technology.

Q4 2007 Direct From Midrex

  • Training and Commissioning: A Critical Factor;
  • The Benefits of Integrated Steel Production in the Middle East;
  • The Shortest Route from Iron Ore to Hot Strip;
  • The Iron Carbide Content of DRI and its Effect on Reactivity.

Q3 2007 Direct From Midrex

  • DRI Solutions for Russian Steelmakers;
  • Cumulative Production of MIDREX® Iron Surpasses 500 Million Tons;
  • Riding the Supercycle: Pricing Scrap Steel;
  • MIDREX® Plant at ArcelorMittal Steel Lazaro Cardenas Celebrates 10 Years.

Q2 2007 Direct From Midrex

  • Green Steelmaking with the MIDREX® DR Process;
  • The Economics of Hot DRI Charging;
  • World's Largest Operating Dr Module, COMSIGUA, Produces 10 Million Tons of HBI;
  • Relocated MIDREX® Plant in Saudi Arabia Begins Production in May.

Q1 2007 Direct From Midrex

  • Midrex Technology Development: Firm Foundation and Continuous Improvement;
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants: 2006 Operations Summary;
  • Midrex Global Solutions: Providing Aftermarket Strategies;
  • Todd Ames Named Plant Sales Manager.

SP July 2006 Direct From Midrex

  • Overview of MIDREX® Direct Reduction Projects;
  • Six New Hot Discharge Modules Expected for 2007 and 2008;
  • New HBI Plant in Gubkin, Russia Expected to be Largest in the World;
  • First Mini-Integrated Steel Plant Comes to Shoar, Oman.

Q4 2006 Direct From Midrex

  • Show Me the Numbers: An Analysis of the Growing Steel Market;
  • Hot Briquetted Iron: Still Growing After 30 Years;
  • Exporting DRI: Libyan Iron and Steel Company;
  • Midrex Attends the 47th Latin American Steel Congress in Santiago, Chile.

Q3 2006 Direct From Midrex

  • Waste Not, Want Not: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Steelmaking;
  • Direct Reduction's Role in the World Steel Industry;
  • New Ironmaking Capacity Outside of China;
  • Stephen Montague Promoted to Commercial Vice President and Henry Gaines Named Plant Sales Manager.

Q1 2006 Direct From Midrex

  • The New Iron Age: DR's Role in Global Steelmaking;
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants: 2005 Operations Summary;
  • Enhanced Mineral Processing at the Midrex R&D Center;
  • Midrex Signs ITmk3® Construction License Agreement with Kobe Steel.

Q2 2005 Direct From Midrex

  • China: The World's #1 Producer of Steel;
  • Optimization of the Hot DRI: KWIKSTEEL®;
  • Kobe Steel Pursues DRI Venture in China.

Q1 2005 Direct From Midrex

  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants: 2004 Operations Summary;
  • Midrex Contracted by Lion Group to Construct HDRI Plant in Malaysia;
  • QASCO Signs Contract for MIDREX®HBI/DRI Combination Plant;
  • SHADEED to Build First Commercial HOTLINK® Plant.

Q4 2004 Direct From Midrex

  • Midrex Begins 4th Decade as Iron & Steel Industry Leader;
  • Mission Possible: Rush to Repair COMSIGUA Cooling Tower;
  • A History of Midrex Technologies: Part 4;
  • Midrex and Hadeed Begin Construction of Largest DRI Plant.

Q3 2004 Direct From Midrex

  • What is the Value of Iron?;
  • Tendencies in In-Situ Reforming;
  • A History of Midrex Technologies: Part 3;
  • Midrex Technologies Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation.

Q2 2004 Direct From Midrex

  • Usage of Oxygen Injection in QASCO;
  • A History of Midrex Technologies: Part 2;
  • A Fond Farewell to Winston Tennies, CEO and Co-Founder of MIDREX® DR Process;
  • James D. McClaskey Announced as New CEO at Midrex Technologies.

Q1 2004 Direct From Midrex

  • A Storied History & Exciting Future: Midrex Celebrates 30 Years;
  • A History of Midrex Technologies: Part 1;
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants: 2003 Operations Summary;
  • OEMK Contracts Midrex for Plant Expansion.

Q4 2003 Direct From Midrex

  • New Technologies Nearing Commercial Reality: ITmk3®, HOTLINK®, FASTEEL™, & FASTOx™;
  • MIDREX HOTLINK®-based Mini-Mill to be Built by HAMIL STEEL.
  • Midrex Awarded Patent for KWIKSTEEL™;
  • COMSIGUA Commemorates 5 Year Performance Milestone.

Q3 2003 Direct From Midrex

  • FASTEEL™: Hot Metal of FASTMELT® and Continuous Scrap Feeding of CONSTEEL®;
  • The Reality of Installed Metallics Capacity;
  • Midrex and Kobe Steel Celebrate 20 Years of Teamwork;
  • MOU for New DR Plant Announced for United Arab Emirates.

Q2 2003 Direct From Midrex

  • New Iron Making Technology of the Future: The Mesabi Nugget Project;
  • Mesabi ITmk3® Plant Successfully Begins Producing Nuggets;
  • MIDREX Direct Reduction Process at Qatar Steel Company;
  • 25 Year Price Predictions for the American Steel Market.

Q1 2003 Direct From Midrex

  • Ispat Industries Limited: Operations with High Lump Ore Percentages;
  • Market Forces in the DR Industry: Growth and Decline Drivers;
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants: 2002 Operations Summary;
  • A Growing DR Market in India: Developing Possibilities.

Q4 2002 Direct From Midrex

  • Using OXY+® to Make Reducing Gas in the MIDREX® DR Process;
  • Market Forces in the DR Industry: What Drives the Market?;
  • Industrial Recovery Systems: Environmental Remediation;
  • Midrex Holds Annual Operations Seminar in Bahrain.

Q3 2002 Direct From Midrex

  • Educated Use of HBI/DRI: EAF Efficiency and Yield;
  • FASTEEL™: Examining Potential for the Steel Industry;
  • Kobe Steel Signs Agreement to Construct FASTMELT® with Production Capacity of 500,000 tpy;
  • Department of Energy Funds ITmk3® Project.

Q2 2002 Direct From Midrex

  • Not All RHFs Are Created Equal: How a RHF Can Meet Client Needs;
  • Successful Iron Nugget Production at the ITmk3® Pilot Plant;
  • Techint, Midrex and Kobe Steel Form Worldwide Alliance on New Iron and Steelmaking Technology;
  • Midrex Certified to New ISO 9001-2000 Standard.

Q1 2002 Direct From Midrex

  • Developing Process Automation for the MIDREX® Process;
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants: 2001 Operations Summary;
  • Fond Farewell to Midrex Pioneers Dave Meissner and Jim Helle;
  • ISS Distinguished Service Award Honors Sara Hornby Anderson.

Q4 2001 Direct From Midrex

  • Upkeep in a Down Market: Plant Scheduled Maintenance;
  • The Midrex OXY+™ System: Souring Additional H2 and CO;
  • Direct Reduction/EAF Steeling Making: Reducing Environmental Impact;
  • Kobe Steel Signs MOU with Mesabi Nugget to Utilizie the ITmk3® Process.

Q3 2001 Direct From Midrex

  • Green Steelmaking with the MIDREX® and FASTMET® Processes;
  • Advanced Gas Analysis Using Mass Spectrometers;
  • A Market Analysis of Scrap, DRI, and Pig Iron: Industry Trends and Predictions;
  • Midrex Solutions™ Offers Steel Plant Training and Seminars.

Q2 2001 Direct From Midrex

  • Ispat Mexicana (IMEXSA) Sets a New Standard for Production and Quality;
  • Benefits of Hot DRI Charge to the Electric Arc Furnace;
  • FASTMET® Plant in Japan Begins Commercial Operation;
  • Midrex Expands Beyond Iron and Steel: Targets New Partners.

Q1 2001 Direct From Midrex

  • Control Innovations in Midrex Plants;
  • MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plants: 2000 Operations Summary;
  • ITmk3 - Premium Ironmaking Process for the New Millennium;
  • Midrex Announces 6 Employee Promotions.

Q4 2000 Direct From Midrex

  • Supporting our Plants: Midrex Technical Services;
  • AC vs. DC Melting of Direct Reduced Iron;
  • Direct Reduced Iron Market Review;
  • FASTMET® Waste Recycling at Kakogawa and Hirohata.

Q3 2000 Direct From Midrex

  • Supporting our Plants: Midrex Technical Services;
  • Carbon in Direct Reduced Iron: Friend or Foe?;
  • Optimizing Metallization and Carbon at IMEXSA;
  • Third MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plant in Egypt in Full Productuion.

Q2 2000 Direct From Midrex

  • Ironmaking Technology for the New Millennuim;
  • Plant Operation and Quality at the COMSIGUA HBI Plant;
  • First Commerical FASTMET® Plant is Commissioned.

Q1 2000 Direct From Midrex

  • Increasing Product Carbon;
  • 10th Anniversary at Professional Services International, Inc.;
  • MIDREX™ Direct Reduction Plants: 1999 Operations Summary;
  • Midrex and Professional Services International, Inc. Move to New Office in Charlotte.

Q4 1999 Direct From Midrex

  • Hot Charging DRI for Lower Cost and High Productivity with HOTLINK™;
  • Fines to Slabs in Western Australia: Integrated Mini-Mills.;
  • Two MIDREX Plants Hit 1 Million Ton Milestone;
  • Midrex Celebrates 25 Innovative Years of Business.

Q3 1999 Direct From Midrex

  • The Passing of a Pioneer: Charles W. “Sanz” Sanzenbacher;
  • Riding the Roller Coaster: Global Steel and Scrap Cycles;
  • A Powerful Combination: Gasification and the MIDREX® DR Process;
  • Commissioning Begins at MIDREX MEGAMOD™ in Port Lisas, Trinidad.

Q2 1999 Direct From Midrex

  • Utilization of Sponge Iron in Electric Arc Furnaces;
  • Principles and Use of Iron in a MIDREX™ Direct Reduction Plant: Part 2;
  • Midrex Honored as the Gold Prize Winner of the Tamiya Prize;
  • Koshi Mizukoshi Appointed President, CEO, and Representative Director of Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Q1 1999 Direct From Midrex

  • The Long-Term View: Looking Past a Market Downturn;
  • Use of DRI in Tuscaloosa Steel's Twin Shell DC Furnace;
  • Principles and Use of Iron in a MIDREX™ Direct Reduction Plant: Part 1;
  • MIDREX™ Direct Reduction Plants: 1998 Operations Summary.

Q4 1998 Direct From Midrex

  • FASTMET®: New Ironmaking Opportunity for Minimills and Integrated Steel Mills;
  • Treating Steel Mill Waste with FASTMET®;
  • Waste-to-Hot Metal Project in Development by Midrex and National Recovery Systems;
  • Midrex and PSI Sponsor a Habitat for Humanity Home Build in Charlotte, NC.

Q3 1998 Direct From Midrex

  • Hot Tansport: Midrex Style;
  • 1998 DRI Market Report: Pumping Iron;
  • COMSIGUA Begins Production in Matanzas, Venezuela;
  • Commercialization of the FASTMET® Process Continues to Thrive.

Q2 1998 Direct From Midrex

  • Increasing Productivity and Profitability with the MIDREX® Process;
  • An American Renaissance: Direct Reduced Iron;
  • Catalyst: The Factors that Affect Performance;
  • QASCO to Construct 2nd MIDREX™ HBI Plant in the Middle East.