Lending a Helping Hand: Midrex Global Solutions

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In the previous issue of Direct from Midrex, we saw how Midrex designs and engineers the best performing direct reduction plants in the world (“Technical Excellence with a Human Touch: Engineering, the Midrex Way“).In this issue we will look at how Midrex seamlessly transitions from plant supply to aftermarket services and support in order to assist customers in maintaining and operating their MIDREX® Plants.

One of the most important responsibilities of the project manager as a MIDREX® Plant nears start-up is to establish the link between plant management and staff and the Midrex team that is dedicated to helping them succeed in operating and maintaining the plant.

Midrex Technical Services within Engineering liaises with the plants to manage technology transfer under the provisions of the MIDREX® Process License Program. As part of the Sales & Marketing Group, Midrex Global Solutions provides the engineering, procurement and field services that support good maintenance and operating practices.


The clientele of Midrex Global Solutions is exclusively operators of MIDREX® Plants, which by no means is limiting. With plants located throughout the world, Midrex Global Solutions can be called on for a debottlenecking study in India, a capacity expansion project in South America or the procurement of essential parts and equipment in the Middle East.

Midrex Global Solutions is the latest in a natural progression of customer service functions that has evolved as the family of MIDREX® Plants expanded globally. For the first 20 years, Midrex primarily provided technical advice and managed the transfer of technology. In 1990, Professional Services International (PSI) was established as a subsidiary of Midrex in order to provide procurement and logistics services to Kobe Steel [parent company of Midrex] for non-Midrex projects, as well as to support MIDREX® Process Licensees. The decision was made in 2004 to integrate PSI into Midrex. As a result, Midrex Solutions was formed and soon thereafter renamed Midrex Global Solutions.

Within a MIDREX® Plant, Midrex Global Solutions is capable of servicing a wide range of production and maintenance operations. These activities include designing engineered solutions, managing maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) programs, sourcing and procuring spare parts and materials, and providing field services. Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas.


Midrex Global Solutions can manage and implement capital projects requiring up to 10,000 man-hours of engineering with its own resources. These projects typically involve working with a Process Licensee to identify ways in which plant productivity and/or operating costs can be optimized. The scope of these projects can involve engineering services, equipment designs and supply, and on-site troubleshooting.

In the case of a project that is larger in scope, Midrex Global Solutions can call on the full engineering, procurement and logistics resources of Midrex.


Midrex maintains relationships with a large number of equipment suppliers worldwide who are certified to supply spare parts and materials specifically designed and manufactured for use in MIDREX® Plants. This enables Midrex Global Solutions to provide essential spares and materials in the most cost-effective, timely manner. In addition, Midrex Global Solutions makes certain that shipments are expertly packed and shipped by the most expedient method. All spare parts and materials orders include technical support and the assurance that customers receive the latest technological improvements.


Many items used within a MIDREX® Plant are not manufactured or stocked locally. Midrex Global Solutions has the expertise and experience to support maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) activities. MRO services can include locating, bidding and buying all items that must be procured offshore at highly competitive prices. This service frees up plant personnel to focus on other essential operational and administrative tasks with full confidence that the items will be available when needed.


The 45 years in which MIDREX® Plants have been in operation around the world have produced technical personnel highly proficient in all aspects of operating and maintaining these plants, from start-up and commissioning through plant expansions and improvements. Midrex Global Solutions can draw from this impressive reservoir of talent when a new or existing MIDREX® Process Licensee has a temporary requirement for skilled and experienced personnel.


The MIDREX® Process Licensing Program has been instrumental in forging a record of exemplary performance and reliability by MIDREX® Plants. This innovative approach involves the sharing of technology, know-how and field experience by Midrex and the operators of MIDREX® Plants. Midrex Global Solutions is uniquely qualified to offer engineered solutions parts, equipment, and materials guaranteed to be designed and manufactured to Midrex specifications.

Frequent contact and communication are important for any aftermarket services organization. Midrex Global Solutions uses its own staff, as well as Midrex Technical Services, Engineering, and Plant Sales personnel to make on-site visits to foster key relationships within the plants. With these visits and the annual MIDREX® Plant Operations Seminar, Midrex Global Solutions is able to determine how and when its services are required and to propose informed solutions.

The management of Midrex Global Solutions exemplifies the group’s dedication to providing excellent service and support to MIDREX® Plants.


Midrex is in its fifth decade of developing and implementing value-added solutions. Its heritage is one of innovation and opportunity. Midrex Global Solutions embodies this spirit and gives it form and presence with MIDREX® Process Licensees.

How well a plant is maintained and serviced is instrumental in determining its performance, reliability, and longevity. The larger the capital investment, the more important the selection of an aftermarket services provider becomes.

Midrex Global Solutions, as its name represents, goes beyond supplying spare parts and materials. It takes a broad, in-depth approach to the needs of its customers, developing comprehensive solutions based on the knowledge, expertise and experience of Midrex and its family of Process Licensees.

Midrex Global Solutions – lending a helping hand to keep MIDREX® Plants operating at peak performance in all parts of the world in all types of weather.

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