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World DRI production reaches 127.36 Mt in 2022

September 12, 2023 Download

Midrex Publishes World Direct Reduction Statistic

Global direct reduced iron (DRI) production in 2022 was 127.36 million tons (Mt), up by almost 6.9% from the previous record of 119.2 Mt set in 2021. In the last six years, worldwide DRI output has grown by almost 55 Mt, or approximately 75%.

MIDREX® Plants produced 73.55 Mt of DRI in 2022, which is 3.8% more than the 70.85 Mt produced in 2021. MIDREX Technology continued to account for ~80% of worldwide production of DRI by shaft furnaces in 2022. MIDREX Plants have produced a cumulative total of approximately 1,320 Mt of all forms of DRI (CDRI, HDRI, and HBI) through the end of 2022.

Each year Midrex Technologies, Inc. compiles and publishes World Direct Reduction Statistics as a resource for the global iron and steel industry. World Steel Dynamics (WSD) audits the data collection and preparation processes used by Midrex to confirm that the methodology and accuracy of the data to be published is representative of the global direct reduction industry in a given year.

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