Hot Transport Vessel System

MIDREX® Hot Discharge Plants can be equipped with a hot transport vessel (HTV) system to minimize temperature loss and to prevent re-oxidation of HDRI while being transferred to an EAF meltshop over distances greater than 100 meters. The vessels typically have a capacity of 45-90 metric tons and are moved to the meltshop on specially designed vehicles. They operate under inert conditions throughout the entire fill - transport - discharge cycle to minimize loss of metallization.

Lion DRI

The Lion Group chose to equip its newest MIDREX® Plant in Banting, Malaysia, with an HTV system for transferring HDRI to its three EAFs. The plant can produce up to 1.54 million metric tons per year of high quality DRI that can be discharged as HDRI and HBI separately or in combination.

The use of an HTV system by Lion DRI to transport HDRI to its EAF meltshops has produced the following results:

  • Operating costs reduced $5-10/metric ton liquid steel
  • Minimal temperature loss in HDRI from reduction furnace to EAF
    (demonstrated at 650° C into the EAF)
  • Negligible carbon loss in HDRI from reduction furnace to EAF
  • Productivity increase of 20% in EAF
  • Power savings of approximately 40 kWh/ton (with 30-35% charge of HDRI)
  • Improvement in tap-to-tap time
  • Reduction in copper content in the final steel product versus scrap
  • Reduction in nitrogen content in the liquid steel