MIDREX® Plant with 2Q Anniversary

DRIC plant

Midrex is known for designing, engineering, and servicing reliable direct reduction plants, as well as for making certain that these plants have long and successful operating lives. In this issue, Direct From Midrex recognizes the start-up of DRIC-1, the first of two modules operated by Direct Reduction Iron Company Ltd. In Damman, Saudi Arabia.

DRIC Module 2 continued to exceed its annual rated capacity in 2020 after setting its all-time production record in 2019 (534,643 tons). DRIC-2 produced almost 525,000 tons of CDRI in 2020, with plant availability of 99.6%. Together, DRIC 1 and 2 have produced over 10 million tons of DRI since start-up in 2007, following relocation from Mobile, Alabama, USA.


DRIC 2 completes 15 years of operation in the second quarter


  • Damman, Saudi Arabia

DRI plant:

  • MIDREX (2 modules)
  • Number of years: 15
  • Start-up: May 2007 (module 1),December 2007 (module 2)
  • Flowsheet: MIDREX NGTM
  • Product: CDRI
  • Capacity (Mt/y): 1.0 (total)

DRIC is a subsidiary of Arab Steel Company, which is part of Al Ittefaq Steel Company (ISPC). Read more about DRIC and Arab Steel Co. on the Al Ittefaq Steel Co. (ISPC) website https://www.ispc.com.sa.

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