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Almost 40 years ago, the first quarterly issue of Direct From Midrex was published as a commitment by Midrex to provide a regularly scheduled educational resource that addresses the value and benefits of direct reduction ironmaking technology. It is with an appreciation of the role Direct From Midrex has played in establishing Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) as an internationally traded source of high quality metallics, as well as the cornerstone of numerous national steel industries around the globe that I take over as editor. I want to assure you, the readers, that I will build upon the vision of those who preceded me to maintain the focus and quality that has made Direct From Midrex the journal of the direct reduction industry.

As someone new to the direct reduction industry, I am impressed by its vitality. I experienced the spirit of enterprise and knowledge-sharing recently during the annual International Conference on MIDREX® Technology. MIDREX® Plant representatives throughout the world gathered in Athens to exchange experiences and hear about the latest technological advancements. I learned that the conference symbolizes the two-way flow of information that has characterized the Midrex business model from its beginning … maintaining the vitality of technical knowledge through the inclusion of practical experience.

It quickly became evident to me that the same philosophy carries through to how Midrex operates its headquarters and R&D Technology Center in Charlotte. Throughout its various departments, disciplines, and offices, Midrex team members represent decades of first-hand operational and plant management experience. During my tour of the Tech Center, I was impressed to see an entire facility dedicated to learning, which puts Midrex at the forefront of innovation and improvement.

In the next year, Direct From Midrex will report on factors that influence the global metallics balance, as well as technical and commercial programs of Midrex intended to offer solutions to these challenges. The advent of Industry 4.0, the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing, has presented opportunities for advanced cyberphysical systems to be used in the design and application of MIDREX® Technology. Midrex has a suite of services that can be tailored to the specific needs and local conditions of a client to improve plant productivity and availability, increase product quality, optimize and extend operational life, and protect and maximize physical and human assets.

Midrex is continually reviewing the design and operation of plants to reduce their environmental impact and to protect the safety of plant personnel and the financial investment of plant owners. We work with the operators of MIDREX Plants and various partners and suppliers to identify issues before they become problems and to find effective solutions when needed. Through Direct From Midrex and other marketing programs, we will share with you our vision of the role MIDREX Technology will play in the further growth of DRI-based steelmaking. I am excited to be part of the Midrex team and stand behind a brand that continues to lead the industry by offering the best DR technology solutions.

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