Learning from the Buffalo

Stephen MontagueChief Executive Officer

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illustration of a buffalo

First and foremost, with the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world, I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. I bet you are tired of uncertainty, sick of staring at your computer for every meeting. Do you miss the in-person connection with friends, co-workers, and family? I certainly do!

Our world has changed and will continue changing as we emerge from the dark shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. What we knew a few months ago as normal might seem appealing right now, but the status quo is overrated. Change happens when it becomes dissatisfying enough and unacceptable to stay where we are, so we try something new. Change produces innovation, and innovation drives progress.

We certainly did not choose this path for change, but how we respond is within our control. Now is not the time to wish everything would go back to the way it was. It’s the time to recognize that we are being given the opportunity to create something better.

My Midrex teammates have heard the story about how buffalo and cattle react when a storm approaches. Cattle try to escape by turning away from the storm and heading in the opposite direction. But cows cannot outrun storms. Instead of running away, buffalo turn into the storm and meet it head-on. Both of them will have to endure the storm’s fury, but the buffalo will spend less time in the storm, thereby reducing the pain and suffering.

Our Core Values


Act honestly and fairly for the good of all.


Be dedicated to the success of customers, the well being of teammates, and the growth of Midrex.


Be actively engaged, respect and trust others, accept responsibility, learn from mistakes, and share credit for achievements.


Do your best in every situation and produce a quality of work that sets a high standard for the industry.


Be a pioneer in the industry and think creatively toward our future.

At Midrex, we choose to address our challenges like the buffalo. We believe that moving forward toward a better future includes the following:

Caring For People

Our principles are the foundation and guide for our natural response. Our stated purpose is to love and serve others and is evident in our core values and purpose, vision & mission. Our top priority is taking care of people: our families, our community, our customers, and our teammates.

Playing Offense Not Just Defense

Consumer behavior is changing. How customers perceive value is continually evolving, especially with the advent of digitalization. These new realities create opportunities to build trust, loyalty, and market share.

Being Nimble

Recognize that no one has the answers, understand the general trends of change, and get moving. It is easy to become paralyzed by the lack of information needed to make accurate forecasts of the future. Better to be nimble and make frequent adjustments to direction than to put faith and time into pinpoint forecasting.

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