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Traci Grier Wins the 2022 Midrex Iditarod Award!

March 23, 2023

Every year, a Midrex teammate is selected for our company’s most prestigious award – the Iditarod Award. Midrex is proud to announce that our 2022 Iditarod Award Winner is Traci Grier!

Traci has been with Midrex for over 7 years, joining us as a Senior Accountant in 2015. Traci has had several roles within the accounting department and is now our Corporate Controller. Traci has worked closely with all departments in Midrex as she provides valuable insight to many aspects of our business.

Traci was nominated by her teammates for her service as the project lead on a new ERP system implementation. Traci is a teammate who goes above and beyond to support and listen to others while demonstrating integrity and respect in all of her interactions.

Here are a few things that Traci’s teammates have to say about her and why she deserves to win the Iditarod Award:

  • “Traci demonstrates integrity and respect in all her interactions, regardless of rank or position or company.”
  • “She provided support, guidance, and true leadership.”
  • “She is very consistent and dependable.”
  • “When a decision had to be made, she listened to our input, weighed the options, talked through possible outcomes and then made the decision.
  • “There were many working weekends where she steered the team towards success. She provided the spark of energy…”
  • “The success of this initiative – of really making this work for Midrex and not just superficially, was important to many of us and we managed to do that with her leadership. She is truly remarkable.”

On behalf of all Midrex teammates around the world, we are incredibly proud of our Iditarod Winner. Congratulations, Traci!

About the Iditarod Award

Our Iditarod Award was created from the same principles as the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race. The Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race is an annual long-distance test of endurance, perseverance, and courage. Sled dog teams race through blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, and gale-force winds across a harsh landscape to complete a miles-long race across Alaska.

Dan Sanford, a former Midrex vice president, embodied the spirit of an Iditarod champion throughout his career. He consistently displayed the vision and determination to succeed and provided the leadership and example to create a culture of excellence. The Iditarod Award is presented annually to recognize one special employee who most closely exhibits these principles and standards.

To be awarded the Iditarod Award, a Midrex teammate must exemplify eight specific traits that are reflective of the principles of Dan Sanford and the spirit of an Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race champion. These traits form an acrostic, which is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1.

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