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Living our Purpose: Midrex Provides Support for NAEE Publication on Green Steel

February 22, 2023

Midrex is proud to share the recent publication for “Green Steel - the transition away from carbon” published by the UK National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE).

This UK charity supports professional educators in their efforts to provide resources and encourage conversation surrounding environmental and sustainability issues within the UK high school system. Midrex has specifically partnered with the charitable contribution part of the NAEE, in the form of funding and time spent collaborating on the research and editorial oversight on the final written paper for this publication.

In an effort to explore and share with educators and their students, this publication explores the ways in which worldwide steelmaking is evolving amidst the increasing awareness and importance of slowing down global warming and climate change. With the global steel industry utilizing 8% of the world’s energy and producing of 7% of global CO2 emissions (2020 data) it is essential that steelmakers adopt technological initiatives to continue the actions to reduce these impacts to our environment.

The goal of producing green steel is an important priority and a great challenge for both governments and the global steel industry. With the support of Midrex, this publication hopes to accomplish two goals:

  1. Providing an up-to-date picture of industrial steel-making
  2. Illustrating the work that is being done to reduce and/or eliminate the amount of CO2 generated

Read on here, for the full publication.

We are proud to see our teammates actively living out our purpose, to love and serve others and spreading our mission of creating the sustainable future of iron and steel through the education of our youth. Thank you, Nigel Phillips, and Todd Astoria, for introducing the Midrex team to this important association.

If you or your organization is interested in supporting this association that supports teachers and serves members’ needs through journal publishing and curriculum resources then contact them by emailing or visiting their website National Association for Environmental Education – NAEE.

Use of the paper can also be requested by contacting the NAEE.

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