Living our Purpose: Danny’s Volunteer Trip to Kenya

January 20, 2020

At Midrex, we see the importance of supporting our communities and giving back to assist those who need it. Midrex is incredibly proud to see our teammates volunteering their time and resources and Danny’s story is just one example of our team’s giving spirit.

Danesh (Danny) Kateli joined Midrex in October 2018 as the Manager – IT Operations. Danny is a decorated and now retired US Army Captain who brought a fresh perspective on IT to Midrex.

In December of 2019, Danny Kateli took a trip to volunteer with school children in Kisumu, Kenya. Danny supported the local Kisumu community by working with a team to renovate a schoolhouse and provide education to children between the ages of 4 and 18 years old. Danny taught several classes that focused on career skills such as leadership, how to deter unemployment, communication, and networking. He befriended several of the children and came to understand their way of life and culture.

During his time in Kenya, Danny learned several valuable lessons. His experience with the children of the Kisumu community offered new insight into important personal values such as patience, kindness, lov​e, and being grateful for all that you have.

Its teammates like Danny and service projects like this that demonstrate our commitment to our purpose of loving and serving others. In support of this project, Midrex donated funds to help the children of the school Danny volunteered at.

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