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Midrex and AMI to offer DRI-based steelmakers complete process optimization solutions

September 10, 2020 Download

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, September 10, 2020 – Midrex Technologies, Inc. and AMI Automation have entered into a strategic agreement to provide steelmakers worldwide with a new approach to process optimization for DRI-based integrated EAF steel mills.

The alliance offers steelmakers a comprehensive way to use Midrex’s and AMI’s latest digital tools and extensive process know-how together to optimize the complete DRI/EAF process.  Combining each companies’ respective strengths will streamline the entire process remotely – from reduction of iron ore through production of liquid steel in the EAF to achieve the optimum performance for combined DRI/steelmaking plants.

Midrex continues to bring innovation to the direct reduction industry with the introduction of Remote Professional Services (RPS) as part of MidrexConnect®. RPS digitally transforms data into actions. Midrex engineers in Charlotte can evaluate all areas of a MIDREX® Plant anywhere in the world in real-time to optimize product quality and process performance, enhance equipment protection, and increase plant availability.

AMI will provide its comprehensive suite of SmartFurnaceTM products and services to optimize the EAF’s.  The new approach provides the equipment, the technical know-how, the continuous remote monitoring and support, OPTaaSTM (Optimization-as-a-Service), to ensure the highest efficiency EAF performance using an INDUSTRY 4.0 digital business approach.   The AMITech Center (ATC Remote Monitoring Center) is a critical cornerstone of this initiative and provides the latest technologies available to allow AMI´s specialists to continuously monitor and optimize the EAF operation using Analytics, Machine Learning and AI tools. This new approach ensures that customers will be using the best and most modern technology and optimization practices to melt DRI in their EAF’s.

Fernando Martinez, Vice President and co-founder of AMI Automation commented, “We are thrilled to have this strategic relationship with Midrex. AMI has a long history of helping our customers use our technology to operate the most efficient EAF’s in the world.  Working with Midrex will allow, for the first time, the entire steelmaking process to be coordinated.

It also reinforces AMI’s commitment to innovation and finding ways to help our customers achieve and maintain new performance levels using digital tools and new digital business models combining the best process know-how in the industry.”

“The power of digitalization is allowing us to better focus our process expertise on optimizing the performance of MIDREX Plants,” KC Woody, COO of Midrex Technologies, said. “By teaming up with AMI, we can offer our customers practical and sustainable solutions from the DRI plant through the EAF melt shop.”

Midrex Technologies, Inc.

Midrex is the world leader for direct reduction ironmaking technology and aftermarket solutions for the steel industry. As the technology provider of the MIDREX® Process for 50-plus years, Midrex designs, builds and services Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plants.

The MIDREX Process fits the need of steelmakers seeking a dependable and clean source of iron.  Each year, MIDREX Plants produce more than 60% of the world’s DRI in its three forms: cold DRI (CDRI), hot DRI (HDRI), and hot briquetted iron (HBI). The MIDREX Process is unsurpassed in the industry in terms of production and process flexibility.

The company’s headquarters and research and technology development center are located in Charlotte, NC, USA. Midrex Technologies also has offices in the United Kingdom, China, Russia, India, and Dubai.

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About AMI Automation

AMI Automation is a premier international automation and control solutions company. Its Meltshop Solutions division is a recognized innovator and world leader with over 30 years dedicated to EAF Optimization using the latest automation and control technologies to make EAF’s run better and more efficiently. AMI Automation´s team of experienced, specialized engineers is one of the largest technical groups fully dedicated to EAF Optimization.

With this new partnership AMI continues its focus on designing, manufacturing and implementing innovative technology solutions to provide process improvements that help run companies more efficiently.

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