SNIM and CWP Global Agree to Explore Decarbonizing Mauritania’s Iron Ore Production – Midrex Participates in Associated Workshop

Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière (SNIM) and CWP Global have signed an agreement to collaborate on a potential green iron production and export hub in Mauritania. AMAN, CWP Global’s ultra-large-scale green hydrogen project located in Mauritania’s northwest corner, could be the site of multiple green hydrogen-based DRI plants capable of converting Mauritanian iron ore into millions metric tons per year of Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) predominantly for export to the European steel industry. 

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in mid-June at a meeting between SNIM and CWP Global in Nouakchott, Mauritania, which was also attended by representatives from the Government of Mauritania, technology provider Primetals Technologies, and Midrex Technologies, Inc., the industry leader for DRI technology. 

 At full scale, the AMAN project is expected to generate approximately 18GW of wind energy and 12GW of solar energy, with the potential to produce up to 110 TWh each year. The project could produce 1.7 mt annually of green hydrogen for production of various hydrogen derivatives including green ammonia for fertilizers and/or long-range shipping fuel, green DRI/HBI for making green steel products, and/or liquid hydrogen. CWP aims to have the project feed-ready by late 2025, with first production by the end of the decade. 

Read on more via CWP Global: SNIM and CWP Global agree to explore opportunities to decarbonise Mauritania’s iron ore production | CWP Global

Picture courtesy of CWP Global. Pictured below are Midrex teammates and Members of the Board, with Stephen Montague positioned fourth from the left and Al Sawada fifth from the left.


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