Midrex Recommended for Continuation of ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Midrex Certified

Auditors from DQS Inc., a member of the IQNet network of 35 international certification organizations, have recommended Midrex for continuation of its certification under the 9001 ISO Standard following a recent three-day recertification audit. There were no nonconformities cited during the audit, and two strengths were noted in their report:

  • Project Execution: “incorporation of lessons learned in this process provide continual improvements at all levels of operation exceedingly well.”
  • Quality System Auditing: “great care in planning and executing their internal audits. Internal auditors … are rewarded for their training and hard work with pellet rewards ($$) which can be used for travel or gifts.”

Midrex Headquarters was originally certified on June 17, 1998, for the “provision of contracted engineering services, technical staffing services, and equipment packages for industrial plants” including “procurement of original plant equipment and the supply of replacement parts.” Midrex Technologies Gulf Services FZCO was added to the certification for “provision of contracted engineering services” and the Midrex Research & Development Technology Center for “I/T backup storage and new product and technology development.”

Kobe Steel Ltd, parent company of MTI, requires its subsidiaries to have a Quality Management System, and certain clients require ISO 9001 certification.
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