MIDREX® Plants with 1Q Anniversaries

SULB plant

Midrex is known for designing, engineering, and servicing reliable direct reduction plants, as well as for making certain that these plants have long and successful operating lives.

This issue of Direct From Midrex recognizes the start-ups of Hadeed A (Saudi Iron & Steel Company) in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia (40 years) and SULB in Hidd, Bahrain (10 years).

Hadeed A (Saudi Iron & Steel Company)

Started up 40 years ago in the 1st Quarter
Location: Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia
DR plant: MIDREX® (I of 4 modules)

  • Start-up: March 1983
  • Flowsheet: MIDREX NGTM • Product: CDRI
  • Capacity: 0.4 M tons

Hadeed (Saudi Iron and Steel Company) is a fully-owned affiliate of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). It began operating in 1979 and added two MIDREX® DR Modules in 1982-83 (Hadeed A & B), a third in 1992 (Hadeed C), and a dual discharge HDRI/CDRI module (Module E) in 2007.

Hadeed A has produced more than 24.3 million tons of DRI since its original start-up. Although originally rated at 0.4 million tons/year, Hadeed A has averaged more than 0.6 million tons/year in its 40 years of operation. Two reformer bays were added in 1997, and thin wall refractory was installed in the shaft furnace in 2011.

Hadeed A & B

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Started up 10 years ago in the 1st Quarter
Location: Hidd, Bahrain
DR plant: MIDREX®

  • Start-up: January 2013
  • Flowsheet: MIDREX NGTM • Product: HDRI/CDRI
  • Capacity: 1.5 M tons

Foulath Holding Company BSC founded an iron ore pelletizing plant in Sidd, Bahrain, in 1984, and production started in 1989. A second pelletizing plant was added in 2010, and the name was changed to Bahrain Steel in 2013.

The decision was taken in 2009 to form SULB in cooperation with Yamato Kogyo Company Ltd (49% shareholder), as a steel production facility immediately adjacent to Bahrain Steel. Production began in 2012. SULB produces a range of steel products by the DRI-EAF (direct reduced iron-electric arc furnace) route and heavy and medium rolling mills.

SULB has produced almost 12 million tons of DRI since the MIDREX Plant was started up in January 2013. A hot DRI conveyor system was installed in August 2013. In 2021, SULB producing more than 1.5 million tons of DRI and operating in excess of 8100 hours.


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