Anthony (Tony) Elliot Celebrated for 33 Years of Midrex Service

Tony Elliott in front of screen

"My days of traveling to plants around the world might be coming to an end,” Elliot acknowledged, “but my heart will always be where I began my career – in the control room and on and around the structures and equipment of a MIDREX Plant."

Earlier this month, at the annual International Conference on MIDREX® Technology (a.k.a. Operations Seminar) held this year in Budapest, Hungary, MIDREX personnel and plant operators from around the world joined in thanking Anthony (Tony) Elliot for his contributions to the success of the MIDREX Process and the performance of MIDREX Plants.

Elliot, who began his direct reduction-related career in 1975 as a process engineer at Dálmine Siderca in Argentina (now DálmineTenaris) and joined Midrex in 1989, has been “the face of Midrex” to operators of MIDREX Plants for the past 23 years in his role as Manager of Technical Services.

“I have enjoyed my various assignments through the years, but I have found my current role to be the most rewarding,” Elliot said.

“I primarily serve as the interface between Midrex and its Process Licensees on technical issues. I work collaboratively with plant operators to provide technical insight, troubleshoot problems, advise on best practices to improve their operation, and build rapport through annual plant visits.”

He considers integrity and commitment as the keys to his success. “Integrity, because as the liaison between the plants and Midrex, I must strive to provide truthful recommendations that are balanced and beneficial to both parties. Commitment, because we want our clients to succeed and we are dedicated to helping them accomplish that in every way possible.”

In addition to his technical services activities, Elliot gathers the data to produce the internal Plant Operations Report, which is the basis for the “Plant Operations Summary” article in the second quarter issue of Direct From Midrex each year; the annual World Direct Reduction Statistics (a.k.a., the Stats Book); and he serves as coordinator of the technical program for the annual International Conference on MIDREX® Technology (a.k.a., Operations Seminar).

Elliot earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Buenos Aires University and added a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Although this was his last Operations Seminar as coordinator, Elliot will continue to support the technical services activities of Midrex from Charlotte in 2023.

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