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There are plants in operation today from every decade of the 50+ years that Midrex has been a company – a testimony to the reliability and flexibility of MIDREX® Direct Reduction Technology and the effectiveness of our approach to technology transfer. Midrex was one of the first US companies to embrace the idea of licensing its technology with ongoing support and services to promote national industrial development through local ownership, operation, and management.

Each time a MIDREX Plant is sold a Process License Agreement is signed that provides the customer with access to the latest technical innovations and improvements and the experience and expertise of successful plant operators who comprise the extended Midrex family. The free exchange and sharing of information between Midrex and its Process Licensees and among the plants themselves has been critical to the success of the MIDREX Process. Through this cooperation within the Midrex family, the technology is continually evaluated and upgraded to ensure it remains at the leading edge of modern ironmaking.

The primary function of Technical Services is to assist MIDREX Plant operators in maximizing plant performance and profitability. Often this involves coordinating responses from within Midrex by Process, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering and Operations. We also contact equipment and materials vendors for their particular expertise on behalf of our licensees.

We are in contact with most MIDREX Plants throughout the year to see how process operations are going and whether they need additional support. In addition, we are responsible for suggesting design improvements for our plants and issuing Innovation & Improvement Bulletins, as well as Technical Services Bulletins to further aid in plant operations.

Perhaps the most effective tool for technology exchange and sharing is the International Conference on MIDREX® Technology (a.k.a. Operations Seminar) for Process Licensees. This annual event is organized by Technical Services to ensure the agenda is of timely interest and technical relevance to MIDREX Plant operators globally. We poll the plants to gear the program to their specific needs and schedule informative presentations by Midrex, relevant plants, and equipment/materials suppliers to address as many topics of interest as possible in an open forum.

I am privileged to follow in the footsteps of two men who were totally committed to representing the interests of the plants within Midrex – Anthony Elliot and Roy Ogden. They recognized that technology must be dynamic to flourish, a blending of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how. The close cooperation of Midrex and its Process Licensees has been instrumental in addressing the evolving wants and needs of the global iron and steel market in a sustainable manner.

Technical Services is the tie that binds together the Midrex family, and our value-added support is the hallmark of the commitment and dedication of Midrex to the continued success of the best direct reduction plant operators in the world.

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