A Firm Foundation & Continuous Improvement

Midrex pioneered shaft furnace direct reduction technology in the 1960s, and we continue to develop innovative technology solutions. We benefit from a proven history of effective collaboration with our Process Licensees. Our shaft furnace and rotary hearth furnace processes have steadily advanced in terms of plant capacity, productivity, energy efficiency, raw materials flexibility, reductant flexibility, product form and emissions.

The success of Midrex’s commercial ironmaking technologies can be attributed to two factors:

  1. Well-designed, simple and effective technology, and
  2. Continuous improvement through ongoing technology development.

Midrex was founded on an idea.  Dedicated pursuit of that idea led to our corporate success.  Continuing to learn and adapt based upon our practical experiences fuels our innovation, and in turn, leads us to new ideas.
Our vision is to continue expanding direct reduction applications and provide a wide range of solutions for the steel industry.

It is this continual improvement that made the MIDREX® Process the world’s leading technology for the direct reduction of iron ore. For more than two decades, MIDREX® Plants have produced 60 percent or more of the world’s DRI each year and we continue to develop some of the industry’s most efficient and successful technologies.