Technology Development

Midrex was founded on innovation, and the desire to improve and innovate is a constant motivation.

Midrex has been advancing the technology standard of the direct reduction industry since introducing the first continuous discharge shaft furnaces in its earliest plants. Through years of development, MIDREX® Technology has been instrumental in the global expansion of electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaking by allowing EAFs to expand into new markets or prosper in scrap deficient regions.

From the first breakthroughs in DRI innovation, through using coal to provide syngas for direct reduction, along with the various hot transport options offered today:  Midrex continues to provide solutions tailored to each steelmaker.

What sets Midrex apart from our competition is the flexibility of our core technology combined with the dedication and experience of our organization. This allows for innovations grounded in the idea that improvements provide clients with greater benefits of operational flexibility, reliability and performance.

Our innovation exists as a state of continuous technology development, but Midrex does not introduce any technology until it is proven. Our goal is to eliminate risk so our clients do not have to worry. When the basic concept, chemistry and engineering are proven and reliable, overall project risk is reduced, financing is less costly and the investment decision can be made with greater confidence.