Construction Partners

Midrex concentrates on what it does best: designing and engineering direct reduction plants, sourcing project financing, and procuring key proprietary equipment.

From its earliest days, Midrex has been the technology partner of various international companies which have built plants based on the MIDREX® Direct Reduction Process. These companies, known as MIDREX® Construction Licensees, have been selected for their particular expertise in project and construction management, process design and engineering, and often project financing.

In their own right, MIDREX® Construction Licensees are acknowledged leaders in their fields, from design and supply of iron and steelmaking furnaces to the production of steel products.

Each MIDREX® Construction Licensee exhibits the technical competence, adherence to completion schedule, and performance excellence that are the hallmarks of MIDREX® Plant projects. This makes for a strong and mutually supportive technical team and the utmost customer value.

MIDREX® Construction Licensees include: