How the Process Licensing Program Works

Each client who purchases a MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plant enters into a Process License Agreement, which grants the right to use the body of patented know-how and technical expertise, collectively known as MIDREX® Technology, to operate and maintain the plant and produce and use and/or sell the plant’s product(s). In conjunction with the Process License Agreement, Midrex provides its licensees access to future process improvements and technology enhancements, as well as operational data and know-how received from all other MIDREX® licensees.

For their part, licensees agree to respect and protect the proprietary nature of MIDREX® Technology and to make improvements and optimizations available to Midrex and all other licensees.

In order to further promote technology sharing, Midrex hosts an annual Plant Operations Seminar. Representatives of each licensee, along with its construction partners and key equipment suppliers, gather either in Charlotte, NC, or at location near an operating plant to exchange ideas and experiences and to make or renew acquaintances.