The MIDREX® Process Licensing Program

In order for technology to flourish, it must be dynamic.  The close cooperation between Midrex and its plant operators, construction partners and proprietary equipment suppliers supported by an ongoing research and development program are key to the continued commercial success and technical leadership of MIDREX® Direct Reduction Technology. At the heart of this cooperation is the MIDREX® Process Licensing Program.

Midrex and Kobe Steel Limited (KSL), owner of the MIDREX® Process, place great emphasis on technology licensing.  Key to the success of this licensing approach is the commitment of Midrex and KSL to maintain an ongoing relationship with its Licensees and the recognition and respect of its Licensees for the proprietary nature of the technology.

As a MIDREX® Process Licensee, MIDREX® Plants benefit from the knowledge and experience of not only our staff but of the continuing expanding group of operating MIDREX® Plants worldwide.

Midrex was one of the first US companies to embrace the concept of technology sharing as the way to transfer technology. Rather than the traditional method of direct investment and retention of management control, Midrex chose to train and empower its clients to be successful in managing and operating their plants, to encourage them to come up with innovations and improvements.

By providing its clients the knowledge, training, and assistance to successfully manage and operate their plants, Midrex broadens its network of technical information, operating data, and hands-on experiences that keeps MIDREX® Direct Reduction Technology on the leading edge.

Members of the Midrex customer services and technical staff are in frequent contact with our Licensees and regularly visit the operating plants to offer spare parts and materials procurement assistance, engineered solutions, maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) services, and field services.