Range of Feed Materials

The MIDREX® Process has operated with virtually any blend of pellets and lump ores. MIDREX® Plants have processed iron bearing materials of varying quality from more than 50 sources around the world.

Cost, availability and meltshop productivity dictate the type of feed materials used within the DRI plant. MIDREX® Plants can be designed to operate successfully using a wide variety of iron oxide pellets and lump ores including pellets used in blast furnaces. In fact, some companies have used the MIDREX® Process to reduce “BF-grade” pellets when they were unable to obtain “DR-grade” materials in order to maintain steelmaking operations.

Midrex has a comprehensive testing program at its Research and Technology Development Center that evaluates existing feed materials and investigates potential new sources. The Midrex Materials Testing Lab can evaluate all types of iron oxide pellets and lump ore to determine suitability for direct reduction ironmaking.

Midrex also works with the operators of MIDREX® Plants to determine the characteristics and composition of iron oxide sources most suitable for their operating conditions. Midrex interfaces with iron oxide suppliers to improve existing products and develop new ones.