MXCOL® Gasifier Syngas Solution

Commercially available gasification technology can be paired with a MIDREX® Shaft Furnace to produce any form of DRI (cold DRI, hot DRI, or HBI). The gasification syngas option:

  • Includes gas-cleaning and conditioning systems, which prepare the syngas for reheating to the ideal temperature for use as reducing gas.
  • Mixes the offgas from the reduction furnace with fresh syngas after scrubbing and CO2 removal, then reheats and recycles it to the furnace.
  • Produces a very high quality syngas by gasification technology regardless of the quality of the coal.
  • Allows for use of various bituminous and sub-bituminous coals, lignite, pet coke and petroleum refinery bottoms.
  • Provide a beneficial alternative to natural gas when natural gas availability is uncertain or when energy costs rise.