The MIDREX® Reformer

The MIDREX® Reformer has been at the core of the MIDREX® Process since its inception.  Through the years it has been improved and remains the standard of the industry.

In MIDREX NG™, iron oxide is reduced in the MIDREX® Shaft Furnace by using reducing gas externally generated in the high temperature and highly efficient MIDREX® Reformer. It is a closed loop system that minimizes natural gas consumption as well as minimizes the number of moving parts within the plant.

Within the MIDREX® Shaft, hot H2 and CO reduce Fe2O3 into metallic iron (Fe), and the byproducts of this reaction are CO2 and H2O.

The reduction byproducts, along with unreacted H2 and CO, are recycled to minimize energy consumption and to produce additional reducing gas.

In the MIDREX® Reformer, fresh natural gas is heated and catalytically reformed along with the recycled CO2 and H2O from the reduction process to generate a rich reducing gas to make more DRI.

In addition to providing the reducing gas, the MIDREX® Reformer also provides the energy needed for the reduction reactions within the MIDREX® Shaft Furnace.

Unique Features of the MIDREX® Reformer:

  • Reforms both CO2 and H2O with natural gas, thus eliminating the need for an expensive CO2 removal system.
  • Capitalizes on the heating value of the recycle gas to generate more reducing gas, decreasing the amount of natural gas that must be added to produce adequate amounts of reducing gas.
  • Generates low H2/CO ratio reducing gas resulting in better energy efficiency.
  • Allows for valuable heat to be retained, eliminating the requirement of an expensive gas heater.