Proven Performance

MIDREX NG™ Plants are the standard by which the direct reduction industry is judged.

MIDREX NG™ Plants are known for their reliability and hours of continuous operation. A number of MIDREX® Plants have produced 500,000 metric tons more than their design capacities in a single calendar year. This is one reason why MIDREX® Plants year in and year out produce the most tons and have the highest availability in the industry.

In times of difficult market conditions, MIDREX® Plants can be turned down to produce fewer tons with no significant economic impact and can be returned to full operation quickly and efficiently. In several cases, MIDREX Plants have been moved to more advantageous market locations and even modified to produce a different product or to use an alternative fuel.

Today, MIDREX® Plants built almost 45 years ago are still in operation and exceeding their original design capacity and product quality.