MIDREX NG™, the natural gas-based configuration of the MIDREX® Process, is the most widely-used technology for the production of all forms of direct reduced iron (DRI) products. Each year, MIDREX® Plants produce more than 60% of the entire world’s DRI and more than 80% of the DRI produced by all shaft furnace DRI technologies.

Natural gas is the cleanest, greenest ironmaking fuel and plays a major factor in helping many industries cut emissions and improve the world’s overall air quality. Natural gas is a fossil fuel hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane (CH4).  In order to use natural gas for ironmaking, the natural gas needs to be reformed into a usable reducing gas that is high in hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO) content.

MIDREX NG™, through use of the patented MIDREX® Reformer, cost effectively makes reducing gas for the iron ore reduction reactions that take place in the MIDREX® Shaft Furnace. The MIDREX® Reformer externally generates reducing gas and further optimizes the MIDREX® Shaft Furnace performance by converting recycled gas (from the iron reduction reactions) along with fresh natural gas into H2 and CO to produce additional reducing gas.