Scrap, DRI and Mini-Mills

Virtual April 13, 2021

Join us at the Scrap, DRI & Mini-Mills Virtual Event by Fastmarkets!

Midrex will be speaking at the upcoming Scrap, DRI & Mini-Mills Virtual Event on April 15. We will be speaking on a panel titled “Driving towards carbon neutrality in steel making: Can steel ever be truly ‘green’?” which will focus on:

  • Assessing the role of EAFs in creating a circular steel economy
  • What is the bottom line of blast furnaces vs EAFs in terms of carbon emissions?
  • Assessing the emissions related to raw material product mixes: How do scrap, DRI, HBI and pig iron compare?
  • Exploring global and regional trends for hydrogen steel making: How does this assist the drive to carbon neutral steel making and what is the outlook for the adoption of this method?