About Us

Midrex Technologies, Inc. is an international process technology company, wholly owned by Kobe Steel, Ltd., that provides specialized solutions for steelmakers worldwide in the field of direct reduction ironmaking. 

For more than four decades, Midrex has been the world technology leader for direct reduction technologies and continues provide innovative technologies and improvements for today’s global steel industry. Midrex continues to lead the industry by offering the best direct reduction technology solutions to meet steelmakers’ needs.

Built on an elegant and simple process, MIDREX® is designed to meet current steelmaker needs while being flexible to adapt to tomorrow’s markets.  Plants using the MIDREX® Process are the world’s largest, most flexible and longest running direct reduction plants in the industry. Of the 67 MIDREX® Plants built and started-up since 1969, only 3 have ever been dismantled and taken completely out of service. In fact, 33 MIDREX® Plants have been operating more than 20 years and some are in their fourth decade of operation.

Technology innovation is fundamental to Midrex and is the cornerstone of the technology’s success.  The MIDREX® Process can utilize either natural gas or coal with MXCOL® to produce quality DRI, HBI and HDRI.  It is the only DRI process that provides the ability to simultaneously produce any combination of product types with instantaneous adjustment of discharge rates.  It can use the widest range of oxide pellets and lump and has three hot transport solutions for a variety of site layouts, all of which minimize fines generation.

The company's headquarters and research and technology development center are located in Charlotte, NC, USA.